Final Exit Visa For The Expats Who Are Stuck Abroad Due to Coronavirus Pandemic
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Procedure:Final Exit Visa  For Those Who Are Outside Saudi Arabia

The General directorate Passports (Jawazat) said that a final exit visa cannot be issued for those who are outside the Kingdom with an exit and return visa, and the solution for this is to “drop the name after the expiration of the visa.”

This announcement came in response to a query from one of the residents, that his daughter resides in the Kingdom and travelled to Sudan on an exit and return visa, and because of Corona she did not return, and that he wanted to make a final exit visa for her, he inquired about the steps.

And the Saudi Passports stated, through her Twitter account, that “the instructions do not allow this – issuing a final exit visa – and the beneficiary is outside the Kingdom, and you can drop her name from your registry after the visa has expired and he has not returned.


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