Shocking Najran Prank Incident: Man Hits Friend With Car In Saudi Arabia
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A disturbing incident in Najran, Saudi Arabia, captured on video, has stirred outrage on social media platforms, highlighting the consequences of reckless behavior.

Key Details of the Incident:

The viral video depicts a young man playing a prank on his colleague, resulting in his friend being struck by a car and sustaining serious injuries.

Prompt action was taken to rush the victim to the hospital for medical treatment.

Public Outcry and Authorities' Response:

The incident sparked condemnation from online users, emphasizing the importance of valuing human life and avoiding dangerous pranks.

Responding to public outcry, Najran authorities swiftly apprehended the individual responsible for the distressing act.

The Najran police confirmed the arrest via their official Twitter account, citing violations of the Anti-Cybercrime Law for recording and disseminating the footage.

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