Second Dose Of Corona Vaccine Must To Travel Outside Kingdom From 9th August
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The Ministry of Interior said that second dose of the new vaccine against Covid-19 is must to travel outside the Kingdom for all citizens, starting from 9th August 2021 (1st Muharram, 1443), with the exception of those under 12 years old.

The ministry added that, citizens need to have an insurance policy approved by the Saudi Central Bank that covers the risks of (COVID19) before traveling outside the Kingdom.

- Those who have recovered from the Corona virus, must have spent less than 6 months from being infected with the virus, and those who contracted the virus should get one dose of the vaccine.

- The ministry explained that this comes in accordance with the preventive and precautionary measures recommended by the Ministry of Health, and within the framework of the unremitting efforts to control the emerging corona virus pandemic, and given the emergence of new waves of the epidemic in the world, the emergence of mutants of the virus, and the low effectiveness of one dose of the vaccine in Confronting these mutants.

- As studies and scientific research have proven that receiving two doses of the vaccine is enough to protect against complications of the virus mutants.




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