Saudi Arabia Weather Alert: 5-Day Rainfall Forecast Sparks Civil Defence Warning
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In the latest weather update, Saudi civil defence authorities issue a cautionary alert regarding an impending five-day spell of rainfall set to sweep across the nation starting Thursday. The General Directorate of Civil Defence warns of varying intensities of rainfall, including floods, hailstorms, and strong, dust-laden winds, primarily affecting regions such as Mecca, Taif, Riyadh, and others.

As a safety measure, the civil defence advises citizens to exercise utmost vigilance, stay indoors during heavy downpours, and avoid flood-prone areas like wadis. Swimming in open waters is strongly discouraged, emphasizing adherence to official safety guidelines.

The National Centre of Meteorology forecasts heavy rains in Mecca, accompanied by high-speed winds and thunderstorms until Thursday night, prompting precautionary measures. Consequently, educational institutions in the Asir region suspend in-person classes, transitioning to online teaching. Taif University follows suit, shifting all branches to remote education in light of the adverse weather conditions.

This announcement follows a series of recent rainfall incidents across Saudi Arabia, prompting educational disruptions and a shift towards online learning for safety reasons.

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