Saudi Arabia Lifts Suspension Of Travel To And From UAE And 2 Other Countries, Starting Today
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The Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia stated that based on continuous monitoring of the epidemiological situation locally and globally, and based on what the competent health authorities have submitted about the developments of the emerging Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic, it wad decided to lift the suspension of entry into the Kingdom for the following.

Lifting the suspension of entry into the Kingdom through land, sea and air ports from 11 AM of 8th September, Wednesday to the following countries.

* United Arab Emirates (UAE)

* South Africa

* Argentina

- The Ministry also allows Saudi citizens to travel to the mentioned countries, highlighting the importance of sticking to the adopted precautionary and preventive measures.

- The Ministry of Interior explained that all procedures and measures are subject to continuous evaluation by the competent health authorities in the Kingdom, according to the developments in the epidemiological situation in the world.




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08 Sep, 2021 0 1550
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