Saudi Arabia Clarifies Rules On Importing Cars
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The Saudi General Authority of Customs announced that Saudi citizens and those of the GCC member countries have the right to import two private vehicles in a year, while residents have the right to import only one private car every three years.

The Saudi Customs said in a statement: “With reference to reports circulated on social media accounts about wrong information related to the number of vehicles allowed to be imported by residents, the Saudi Customs clarifies that Saudis and Gulf citizens have the right to import two cars a year, while residents are entitled to import only one private vehicle every three years.”

The statement added: “Saudi Customs hopes that everyone will verify messages and rely on reliable, official sources to get the news.”

It warned forwarding fake message cause confusion among the public. “If only people could verify the messages before forwarding them, this can be avoided. Society has the responsibility of fighting rumours by blocking such fake messages,” the statement said.




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