Saudi Arabia Approves National Policy To Prevent Child Labor
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Saudi Arabia sets minimum age for employment in the Kingdom to 15 years, as per the provision in the National Policy to prevent child labor in the country approved by the Council of Ministers.

The policy aims to provide a safe environment for all children, is in line with Saudi Arabia's international obligations under the International Labor Organization Conventions, The Council Ministers also validate the National Action Plan to Prevent Child Labor in the country.

- The Minister of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia, Ahmed Al Rajhi appreciated the decision to adopt National Policy for Preventing Child Labor, stating that this policy will provide safe environment that supports childhood and a society where children enjoy all their rights guaranteed by the Islamic Shariah and the legislative law of Saudi Arabia.

- The policy ban employing children under the age of 15 from doing work. However, there is a conditional approval for those who are between the ages 13 to 15 to do some light jobs for a limited period of time.

- The policy includes creating a database to track child labor with the support of International Labor Organization, while also adapting a list of the types of work which are not allowed for those who are below 18 years.

- The approval of the policy to improve social work and protection mechanism, build the capacities of specialists in the field, promote quality education opportunities for all children and raise awareness about the subject of child labor.
- Saudi Arabia has also approved the Convention on the Rights of the Child and two optional protocols to the convention related to the protection of children in armed conflicts and other situations.

- The establishment of the Family Affairs Council, which includes a specialized committee dealing with childhood issues in Saudi Arabia, in order to support and enhance their family status and its role in society and the governorate to remain strong and cohesive, concerned with its individuals.




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