Record-Breaking Success: Haramain Rail Serves 1 Million Pilgrims In Ramadan
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Saudi Arabia's high-speed rail service, linking the cities of Mecca and Medina, achieved unprecedented success during the recent Ramadan season, according to reports from the operator.

Mecca and Medina, revered as Islam's holiest sites, attract millions of worshippers and visitors from around the world, both during Ramadan and throughout the year.

During Ramadan, the Haramain train service transported over 1 million passengers, marking a remarkable 22 percent increase compared to the previous year, with 2,845 journeys undertaken, representing a 12 percent rise in journeys.

The surge in capacity was made possible by SAR's strategic operational plan, which focused on expanding the number of journeys and available seats, enhancing the travel experience for pilgrims and visitors known as the "Guests of God."

Special Ramadan schedules were implemented to accommodate prayer timings at the Grand Mosque in Mecca and the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, prioritizing the safety and comfort of travelers during their spiritual journeys.

Covering a distance of 450 kilometers, the journey between Mecca and Medina takes approximately two hours aboard the Haramain train, providing pilgrims with a swift and convenient means of transportation.

Ramadan traditionally marks the peak season for Umrah, the minor pilgrimage, at the Grand Mosque. Many pilgrims then travel to Medina to offer prayers at the Prophet’s Mosque and explore the city's historical landmarks.

Since its inauguration in 2018, the Haramain rail service has played a crucial role in seamlessly connecting Mecca and Medina via Jeddah, facilitating pilgrimage and travel between the holy cities. With an ambitious goal of transporting around 60 million passengers annually, the service continues to contribute significantly to the spiritual journey of pilgrims and visitors to Saudi Arabia.

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