Receiving Amounts Of Money In Account From Unknown Person Exposes You To Accountability - SAMA
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The Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) in Kingdom has warned against receiving sums of money to be deposited in the account of an unknown person for the purpose of donation.

The Saudi Central Bank said that receiving cash from a person to deposit it in the account of an unknown person for the purpose of donating, The recipient may be held accountable, as the money to be deposited may be used to finance illegal operations.

- The Central Bank had warned against transferring or paying money to unknown or unlicensed parties in the Kingdom for the purpose of donation, because such actions may lead to contributing to the passage of operations related to the financing of terrorism.

- Do not be a partner in terrorist financing by transferring funds to unknown parties for the purpose of donation, added the Saudi Central Bank.




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27 Jul, 2021 0 1332
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