Real Estate Authority Plan To Localise More Than 11,200 Jobs
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Saudi Arabia’s Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf) and the Real Estate General Authority plan to train and employ more than 11,200 Saudi jobseekers who want to work in the real estate sector.

The move is in line with a programme to localise professions within the sector, which aims to train and employ the national workforce in the private sector, while raising the skills of jobseekers.

The Real Estate Authority, through the Saudi Real Estate Institute, will prepare training packages and carry out training for real estate brokerage and marketing specialists, among others.

Hadaf provides support to the Real Estate Authority, by paying 35 per cent of the training costs upon completion of the training programme, and 65 per cent upon hiring the beneficiary and settling on the job for three months.

To join the programmes, applicants must be a Saudi citizen; aged 18 to 60 years; not a student, employee in the public or private sector, or have a commercial record, and must not have previously benefitted from similar training programmes.

The authority also aim to provide appropriate jobs to beneficiaries, employ trained applicants, and monitor the performance and stability of the trained applicants on the job.

The Hadaf fund will monitor the quality of the training programme through field visits, which will follow up on the implementation of the training process. 




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