One Time Coronavirus Cash Assistance For OFWs In Saudi Arabia And Other Countries
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The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) in Philippines said financial assistance of 10,000 Php (200$) would be given to Overseas Filipino Workers whose employments are affected by the deadly novel coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19).

This assistance program covers regular and documented OFWs, some undocumented OFWs and balik manggagawa or OFWs who could not able to return to their home country due to the lockdown in the Philippines.

- In order to prove that one is regular and documented, OFWs must have a valid passport and appropriate visa or permit to stay and work in the receiving country. The OFW's contract should have been processed by the Philippine Overseas Administration of the Philippine Overseas Labor Office.

- Undocumented Overseas Filipino Workers covered by the program include OFWs who were once documented but for some reason they have lost their documented status, those who regularize their contracts or status or who are members of Overseas Workers Welfare Administration.

- To be eligible for it, OFW must have experienced job displacement due to the lockdown, quarantine or because of infection of coronavirus, OFW should have presence in overseas jobsites or Philippines or balik-manggawa or repatriated in the Philippines.

- Covered countries in Middle East and Africa are Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Libya, Lebanon, Kuwait, Jordan, Israel and Bahrain. It also covers some countries of Asia Pacific, Europe and America.

- To apply, OFWs need to submit application form for special cash assistance from POLOs with Passport copy or travel document, Proof of Overseas employment, proof of loss of employment due to Covid-19, For undocumented, Proof of case like reference number, or case endorsement stamped by POLO.

- After evaluating the documents in 5 working days, status will update and the application will received it through bank transfer or cash remittance in local currency.

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