No Iqama Renewal Without SOCPA Registration
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Registration with the Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA) will become mandatory from Muharram 01, 1441 (01 September, 2019) for Accountants to renew their Iqama.

SOCPA registration is expected to eliminate unqualified expat accountants in the Kingdom.

The new initiative will also help identify fake certificates and fake degree holders. Accountants will be required to produce their relevant certificates for registration and the registration will be required to renew Iqama.

SOCPA registration is mandatory for the following professions:

Internal Audit Director
Cost clerk
Cost Accountant
Finance Clerk
General Accountant
Director, Zakat & Tax Department
Internal Auditor
Accounts and Budget Manager
Senior Financial Auditor
Director G.A of reviewing
Director – Financial and Accounting Affairs
Accounts Auditor
Accounts auditing technician
Director – Financial Reporting Department
General Accounts Technician
Chief of internal auditing programs
Financial Audit Supervisor
Cost Accounting Technician
Financial Controller



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