New Employer To Be Responsible For Insuring Employee And His Family Members
Category: Expats

The Council of Cooperative Health Insurance in Saudi Arabia clarified that the new sponsor or employer is responsible to insure the worker and his family members when the worker moves to a new job.

A resident expat in his inquiry with CCHI, asked that, His and his family's insurance is (new), but he will transfer his sponsorship, so does he have to renew the medical insurance again for the family with the new sponsor, or just renew his insurance?

- The health council stated it via Twitter, in response to an inquiry from a resident expatriate in this regard, stating, "the previous insurance coverage ends when the worker moves to work for a new employer, and the new sponsor is responsible to insure the worker and his family members who are covered by the system in his document."

- Earlier this, The Health Insurance Council clarified that, a new insurance must be issued for extending visit visa, the council cleared that the electronic link service between the data of insurance companies, customers and Jawazat ensures the regular residency permits and extracted quickly and effectively.




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04 Mar, 2021 0 659
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