New Edition Of Hakaya Misk Plans To Hold 360 Workshops
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There will be 360 workshops on diverse areas of writing, drawing, production and animation as part of the new edition of Hakaya Misk 2019 that began at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center on Tuesday. The Initiatives Center at the Prince Muhammad Bin Salman Foundation (Misk) is organizing the event, which will run up to Nov. 11 as part of Riyadh Season festival. Prominent individuals and local and international companies from the world of production and direction are participating in the event.

Hakaya Misk 2019 will create a unique experience in which visitors will explore the film industry journey through three main phases: Pre-production, production and post-production. The exciting venture includes workshops, speaker platforms, and virtual shooting sites with the participation of several local and international production companies.

Ziyad Al-Shibl, project manager of Hakaya Misk, said that the initiative aims to attract local young talents in the fields of artistic creation, provide a suitable environment for developing and refining these talents and transferring them to more professional levels through cooperation with international agencies specialized in diverse creative fields. “Hakaya Misk has so far organized about 1,250 workshops during the past years and the new edition will increase the total number of workshops to 1,610,” he said.

Al-Shibl said that the highlight of the new edition of Hakaya Misk is the interactive journey, making it a new concept, and with innovative sections, transferring visitors from silent viewers to interactive participants, who realize what is happening around them in the film making industry.

The event includes a number of sections including preparation for production, pre-production, production and beyond, small product, Hakaya market, media tales, food carts, tech stories, discussion sessions, and movie shows. There will be production preparation workshops area; pre-production workshops area; production workshops area; post production workshops area and young producer schedule area.

He revealed that what is new in the workshops is the interactive nature as Hakaya Misk 2019 will take visitors to an advanced level of capabilities and mechanisms in making the scene with the participation of major international and local companies.

Hakaya focuses on the content creation industry, writing, art, animation and production. This event provides youth with the opportunity to realize their artistic talent and ambitions by creating actual works according to their specific vision throughout Hakaya Misk’s diverse programs, workshops and platforms.

Hakaya Misk travels across various Saudi cities to offer a vast range of training opportunities and programs to young creative talents.



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