New Cigarette Packs Free Of Sawdust, SFDA Confirm
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Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) denied rumors that new cigarette packs contain adulterated materials after the manufacturers were obliged to modify the package shape recently.

SFDA confirmed in a press release on Saturday that it is examining all shipments of imported tobacco products in all ports, and tests carried out by the authority showed that all products match the specified concentrations of nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, moisture and other components within the approved specifications, and are free of adulterated materials such as sawdust and others.

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SFDA explained that the change of taste and smell in the new products is not due to the presence of any adulterated substances or materials different from tobacco according to the results of laboratory tests, stressing at the same time that tobacco products are generally unhealthy even if they meet the specifications of the authority.

“The regulation requiring tobacco companies to change the shape of the packaging did not state for a change in its internal components, and the same specifications are imposed by several countries on tobacco companies such that it contributed to promoting public health,” SFDA said.

Regarding the verification of the safety of the product and its source, SFDA confirmed that cigarette packs carry the tax stamp in which the product can be verified as well as the source of the product.



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