Muroor In Saudi Arabia Clarifies Fees Related To Driving Licenses And Ownership Transfers
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The General Directorate of Traffic Department in Saudi Arabia revealed the value of the fees of driving licenses and transfer of ownership of vehicles of all kinds and of vehicle plates. 

Muroor in Saudi Arabia explained that the fees for the private driving licenses and its annual renewal fee is 100 riyals and the fee for the damaged and missing licenses are also 100 riyals, while the transfer fee amounted to 150 Saudi riyals.

- The special driver's license and its annual renewal fee is 40 riyals, while the fee for damaged or missing license the fee is 100 riyals.

- A table showing the annual fees, renewal fees, damaged and lost fees, and transfer of ownership within the fees for traffic licenses and transporting vehicles of all kinds, which revealed as follows:


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