MOH Warns 7 Most Dangerous Categories Of Corona Virus Infection
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The Ministry of Health spokesperson, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdali, warned seven categories of people among the most dangerous cases if they were infected with the emerging coronavirus (Covid 19).

The "Ministry spokesman" said during the daily press conference on the developments of the Corona virus, that the most dangerous groups to be exposed to complications and health problems when exposed to infection with the new Corona virus are

1. Elder people especially those over the age of 65.

2. Those with chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Blood pressure, Heart problems.

3. Those with problems of Chronic respiratory disease, including Smoking, Obesity.

Al-Abdali also reminded the warning to those who have problems in some parts of the body, such as those with

4. Chronic kidney disease and

5. Those with Tumors or receiving chemical doses treated for tumors

6. Those who have weak and immune disorders in the body, and

7. Pregnant women

These groups have rights, We must make sure to handle them sensitively, get enough information and help them while obtaining health care to protect them from being infected with the virus, noting that all information pertaining to these categories is present in all platforms developed by the Ministry of Health, most notably the newly created website Corona Prevention Site.



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