Ministry Of Human Resources Reminds About Objection And Settlement Of A Work Violation
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The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia renewed the reminder of the procedure and steps for benefiting from the service of objections and settlements on work allegations in the Kingdom.

The Ministry of Human Resources revealed that, the objections and settlements service for a work violation provides the ability to inquire about the violations that have been recorded against the company, and the employer or those with authority have the right to submit an objection request to any violation within 30 days from the date of issuance of the violation. Submit a settlement request within 30 days.

The Ministry highlighted the need for the applicant to be an authorized representative of the company in the systems of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development. 

The Ministry of HR has defined the procedure for implementing the service in one of two cases. 

1. In case the violation is valid, the following steps must be followed: 

 - After receiving and accepting the fine, you will receive an SMS with the payment number on your mobile phone. Pay the fine imposed through one of the financial channels with the payment number sent to your mobile phone.

2. In case the violation is not valid and in the event of an objection to the penalized fine, the inspection officer shall transfer the request to the primary commission to decide the case.

- The Ministry stated that if a decision is made in favor of the employer, the fine is exempted and the violation cleared.

- In the event that a decision is made regarding the validity of the fine imposed, you must issue a check to the Human Resources Development Fund for the amount of the fine, the check is delivered to the inspection department at the Labor Office, along with the required documents.

- The Ministry has identified the papers and documents required to benefit from the objections and settlements service for a work violation, which are as follows:

Documents required to pay the violations after being decided upon by the Primary Commission :

1. The national identity or work card of the applicant.

2. A cheque with the financial value of the fine paid to the order of the Human Resources Development Fund.

3. A copy of the fine with the signature of the employer.



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