Man Arrested For Promoting Hate Speech Against Saudi Tribe
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The Saudi Public Prosecution has ordered the arrest and remanding of an unidentified man for publishing hate speech targeting a tribe of the southern region on social media, an official source said.

The Investigations office of the Public Prosecution noticed the hate speech of the accused being circulated online, which sought to create divisions based on tribal grounds.

It was found to be an affront to Saudi Arabia and its efforts to disseminate the values of tolerance, besides violating the Kingdom’s foundational principles of justice and equality.

A spokesperson for the Public Prosecution said that the accused was under investigation and that the legal process was underway to try him for the crime.

The spokesperson warned all social media users to adhere to the Saudi laws and to respect its primary values that stress on respect for all. He also asked people not to sow seeds of division among people in the name of ethnicity, religion, language or gender. “These are our fundamentals and no infringement on them will be tolerated,” he added.

Source Gulf News

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