List Of Saudi Expats Profession Subject To The Skill Verification Program
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Many of our website and Facebook Page subscribers have been enquiring us the list of professions that have been set for the exam by the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development.

We want to update our readers that the list of professions which are subject to exam is categorized into below 3 groups.

General Professions



We, hereby, notify our readers that the category of electrician and plumbing professions are already listed officially on the website of Qiwa  however, the general profession category is still not listed officially on the website. We have listed down the category of general professions just for the purpose of knowledge of our readers to know that which categories fall under this profession. Once it is officially listed on the website, we will update the below list as well in case of any change or addition/ deletion.

More Than 1,000 Specialized Professions to be Targeted as per Saudi Gazette News

The “Professional Verification” program is expected to develop the skills of the workforce in Saudi Arabia according to international standards to meet the needs of the Saudi labor market, and it will target more than 1,000 specialized professions belonging to 23 specialty fields as per the Saudi Standard Classification of Occupations. 

Profession Search Function

Note: The list of professions mentioned below is quite big, therefore, we have provided a facility of search option to our website readers. You can just type your profession in the search feature below and if your profession is subject to a Skill Verification Program, it will appear immediately.

S.No.             Caterogy                    Professions                                                                                                                                          
1 General Isolating agent
2 General chief assistant
3 General bus driver
4 General General farmer
5 General Project Manager
6 General civil engineer
7 General Surveyor – General
8 General Equipment technician
9 General Supervision technician
10 General Adviser
11 General Factor
12 General Car driver public
13 General Gypsum factor
14 General Mechanism driver
15 General Computer technician
16 General Whole Vehicles Driver
17 General Store keeper
18 General Production Manager
19 General Building Surveyor
20 General Show Designer
21 General truck driver
22 General general system Analyst
23 General Translator
24 General general painter
25 General Production engineering technician
26 General Ordinary worker
27 General Building Technician (Buildings Supervisor)
28 General General building cleaning worker
29 General Computer network technician
30 General supervisor
31 General Electronics technician
32 General Restaurant worker
33 General Salesman
34 General Computer programmer
35 General Civil engineering draftsman
36 General In Monitor
37 General Architectural draftsman
38 General Factor architect
39 General Installation factor
40 General General Mechanical Engineer
41 General sales representative
42 General Metal casting agent
43 General Structural materials lab technician
44 General General production mechanical engineer
45 General Agricultural worker
46 General Electronic maintenance engineer
47 General Director of financial and accounting affairs
48 General secretary
49 General Worker loading and unloading
50 General General fruit and vegetable cooker
51 General Windows cleaner
52 General Professional security and safety technician
53 General Surveyor
54 General manager assistant
55 General Materials Engineer
56 General Purchases Representative
57 General Project Engineer
58 General finance audit
59 General General electric engineer
60 General Legal advisor (special systems)
61 General Quantity calculator
62 General Architectural Draftsman
63 General Contract management technician
64 General Forklift driver
65 General Chef
66 General Insurance specialist – general
67 General Financial Analyst
68 General Insulators installation technician
69 General Technical services adviser
70 General Production mechanical engineer
71 General Iron concrete reinforcing agent
72 General Marketing Specialist
73 General Site Coordination Engineer
74 General Supervisor of public housing
75 General Road technician (road controller)
76 General Civil engineer (methods)
77 General Communications engineer
78 General Assistant surveyor
79 General Development and specification engineer
80 General Diesel engine operator
81 General Maintenance manager
82 General Systems technician
83 General General industrial engineer
84 General Surveyor amounts
85 General Road transport services supervisor
86 General general chemist
87 General Electronic technician control devices
88 General General nurse
89 General Petroleum Engineer
90 General Communications Engineering Technician
91 General Interior designer
92 General Engineer
93 General General Survey Engineer
94 General Networks water technician
95 General computer engineer
96 General City planning engineer
97 General Costs clerk
98 General Executive Secretary
99 General Technical audit
100 General Domestic worker
101 General Mechanical draftsman
102 General General mechanical draftsman
103 General Road Surveyor
104 General General bookkeeper
105 General Mechanical maintenance engineer
106 General Oven baker
107 General All-road driver
108 General Food Supervisor
109 General Road construction painter
110 General marketing manager
111 General Tester quality
112 General Manufacturing engineer
113 General Mold technician
114 General Permanent delegate
115 General Operations Manager
116 General Pumping machine operator
117 General General Electrical Engineer
118 General Architect
119 General Electronic Communications Technician
120 General Public Accountant
121 General Coffee and tea maker
122 General Technicians in Engineering others
123 General Cost Accountant
124 General Industrial equipment installation engineer
125 General Cartographer and planner
126 General Legal advisor – general systems
127 General Travel ticket writer
128 General First financial reviewer
129 General Industrial equipment installation technician
130 General Washing and ironing agent
131 General Vehicle washing and lubricant agent
132 General personal driver
133 General Precast concrete manufacturing agent
134 General General metal constructions compound
135 General Worker
136 General Central concrete mixer operator
137 General Tailor and bespoke Arabian clothes
138 General Facilities Services Supervisor
139 General Stationery seller
140 General Clients accountant
141 General Computer electronic operator
142 General Clean Worker
143 General Cleaning agent for exterior surfaces of buildings
144 General Advertising and advertising designer
145 General Hospital cleaning worker
146 General Computer Operator
147 General Compound electronic dividers
148 General Stage production manager
149 General Electronic engineer, medical devices
150 General Irrigation factor
151 General Road machinery maintenance technician
152 General General nutrition specialist
153 General Florist
154 General Water boiler operator
155 General Occupational health technician
156 General Warehouse manager (warehouse)
157 General Building demolition worker
158 General A great chef
159 General Exclusive to insects
160 General Technician in accounts
161 General Confectionery maker
162 General Patient dietitian
163 General Dry cleaning agent
164 General Agricultural pest control agent
165 General Waste handler
166 General Torrential driver
167 General waiter
168 General General character
169 General Water treatment plant operator
170 General Osteopathic physiotherapy technician
171 General General butcher
172 General contracts specialist
173 General Palm cultivation technician
174 General Gas compression machine operator
175 General Specialist in fire protection work
176 General General horticulturist
177 General Observer for blacksmithing production
178 General Digital Maps Specialist
179 General Agricultural engineer
180 General Mechanics Physicist
181 General Quality management specialist
182 General General tailor
183 General A citizen husband
184 General General iron
185 General Telephone technician
186 General General services supervisor at a hotel
187 General Collector
188 General Laboratory equipment technician
189 General Medical devices technician
190 General Electronic maintenance of medical devices
191 General Generation stations operation and maintenance technician
192 General Room services supervisor
193 General Mixing plant operator in desalination
194 General Quality control engineer
195 General Meat clip
196 General Vegetable and fruit preparation worker
197 General cleaning supervisor
198 General General chemical engineer
199 General Washing machine operator
200 General administrative employee
201 General The record of the authorities
202 General Data entry clerk
203 General Director of public works and facilities
204 General Sailor
205 General Construction Monitor and drilling rig
206 General General horticultural technician
207 General public Baker
208 General A sick meal distribution worker
209 General Firefighting technician
210 General Sewage purification plant technician
211 General Protected Agriculture Technician
212 General General technician in telecommunications
213 General General pump operator
214 General Entomology lab technician
215 General Meat product manufacturer
216 General Printing and photocopying operator
217 General Pruned trees
218 General Steam clothes iron
219 General Foreign food chef
220 General dish cleaner
221 General Bespoke costumes
222 General General pastry maker
223 General Arabic food chef
224 General Coffee provider
225 General Lighting technician
226 General Electronic maintenance of public communication devices
227 General Electronic control devices
228 General Strategy and Planning Expert
229 General Civil engineer (metal constructions)
230 General Pump station operator at a desalination plant
231 General Database administrator
232 General Project management office specialist
233 General Coordinator of Quality Systems
234 General Operator in the power plant and steam
235 General Goods Receipt Clerk
236 General driver
237 General Chimney cleaning worker
238 General kitchen worker
239 General Wool washer operator
240 General Photocopier assembly agent
241 General Washing machine assembly agent
242 General Calligrapher and painter
243 General Food services supervisor
244 General Postman _ Courier
245 General Mine or quarry locomotive driver
246 General General upholsterer
247 General Generation stations and installation technician
248 General General industrial electronic
249 General Maintenance electrical engineer
250 General Binding machine operator
251 General General chemical technician
252 General Electronic maintenance of programmed machines
253 General Electronic phone maintenance
254 General Water treatment, purification and filtering machine operator
255 General Sandwich maker
256 General Director of Career Development Department
257 General Electronic technician TV maintenance
258 General Support specialist
259 General Shorthand secretary and clerk
260 General Installed landline telephone networks
261 General Occupational Safety and Health Director
262 General Administrative reports
263 General Shawarma grill
264 General Technical operations
265 General Central air conditioning mechanical engineer
266 General Science teacher
267 General Operations Analyst
268 General Salesman of agricultural pesticides
269 General Systems and geographic information analyst
270 General Senior financial reviewer
271 General Administrative review supervisor
272 General Legal affairs clerk
273 General Proofreader
274 General Garden technician
275 General Packaging and Wrapping worker
276 General X-ray technician
277 General Ornamental plant technician
278 General Dedicated to agricultural guidance
279 General Switch stations technician operation and maintenance
280 General Short auxiliary (buh)
281 General Insecticide specialist
282 General Marble tiled
283 General Veterinary assistant
284 General Medical science technician
285 General General medical laboratory technician
286 General Infection control specialist
287 General A worker making concrete products
288 General Factor packaging by hand
289 General Ground cables electrician
290 General Car Traffic Monitor
291 General Data bank systems programmer
292 General Director of Economy and Trade Affairs
293 General Social service specialist
294 General Main food provider
295 General geographic
296 General expert
297 General Swimming lifeguard
298 General Radio and television engineer
299 General specialist
300 General Head of the Department
301 General Informational program organizer
302 General Electrician, overhead lines
303 General Aluminium technician
304 General Central air conditioning operator
305 General pharmacist
306 General Gas turbine technician
307 General Garden or orchard worker
308 General Fine Imaging Technician (Microvitch)
309 General Centrifugal pouring machine operator
310 General Industrial vocational trainer
311 General A maintenance worker in sports fields
312 General guard
313 General Agricultural machinery maintenance technician
314 General Refinery pump operator
315 General Mechanic of home cooling appliances
316 General Sound technician
317 General Swimming pools maintenance technician
318 General Healthy Assistant
319 General Studio photographer
320 General Fire alarm technician in desalination of salt water
321 General Program and systems documentation specialist
322 General Electronic technician send a radio show
323 General Metal cleaner
324 General Tourist reservation clerk
325 General Sales Manager
326 General Engine turning technician
327 General Carpets and rugs compound
328 General Water purification chemist
329 General Print inks technician
330 General Information and knowledge management specialist
331 General Protected agriculture specialist
332 General Men barber
333 General savior
334 General Biophysicist
335 General Training Specialist
336 General TV Channels Subscription Officer
337 General General Veterinarian
338 General Internal Auditor
339 General General women’s clothing tailor
340 General Handicapped Care Technician
341 General Electronic Maintenance Calculator
342 General Tourist trip programmer
343 General Ready-to-wear seller
344 General Hospitality worker
345 General Marketing sales expert
346 General Sheriff Central
347 General Vegetable farming technician
348 General Paper scissor operator
349 General Equipment worker
350 General Teacher
351 General Fitness Trainer
352 General Assistant operator of telephone networks
353 General Beverage juice Maker
354 General Reporter (mattress)
355 General Citrus Growing Technician
356 General Mechanic maintenance of duplicating machines
357 General Electromechanical small generating stations
358 General Radiology technician instructor
359 General Restaurant Manager
360 General Facilities
361 General Central cooling equipment operator
362 General Sewer Network Technician
363 General Wheel inflatable agent
364 General General machine operator
365 General A nursery worker
366 General Occupational safety and health specialist
367 General Print designer
368 General Asphalt mixer operator
369 General Desalination operator a control room in a brine desalination plant
370 General Machine technician
371 General Sterilization materials technician
372 General Monitor the stock movement
373 General General Medicine Specialist Physician
374 General laboratory technician
375 General Firefighter
376 General Offset printing machine operator
377 General Garden specialist
378 General Stone crusher operator
379 General Asphalting machine driver
380 General General Geological Technician
381 General Monitor control panel water purification
382 General Geological laboratory technician
383 General Concrete Mix Monitor
384 General Grader driver
385 General An operator of a metalworking machine
386 General Observer, foreman, or supervisor in quarries
387 General Civil Engineer (Jusurat)
388 General General practitioner doctor
389 General Science Lab Technician
390 General Asphalt Mixes Monitor
391 General Planning Director
392 General General Geologist
393 General Photographer
394 General taxi driver
395 General Accounts and Budget Manager
396 General Paramedic
397 General Secretary of documents and archives
398 General Operator of cement bricks
399 General Electric actuator distributing the electrical load in the power station
400 General Soil Mechanics Laboratory Technician
401 General Head of sector
402 General Software engineering specialist
403 General Geologist Engineer
404 General Capacitor
405 General Computer trainer
406 General Public Administrative Clerk
407 General Operator of a machine for leveling and polishing stones and marble
408 General Stone cutting machine operator
409 General travel agent
410 General A home plumbing compound
411 General Drilling technician
412 General Stone engraver
413 General Plastic product installer
414 General Driver marketing agricultural products
415 General Technical support specialist
416 General Occupational safety and health engineer
417 General Data Processing _ Codec Writer
418 General Monitor the work of electrical connections
419 General Air Transport Services Supervisor
420 General Supervisor or farm supervisor
421 General Concrete road paving machine operator
422 General Conveyor belt operator
423 General Statistics specialist
424 General Director general
425 General Environment engineer
426 General Statistical technician
427 General Economic Analyst
428 General Aircraft firefighter
429 General Observed
430 General Systems operation specialist
431 General Pull machine operator
432 General Client Services Manager
433 General Software development specialist
434 General HVAC technician / operation and maintenance
435 General HVAC technician / installation
436 General Sterilization technician
437 General Plumbing and Heating Technician / Operation and Maintenance
438 General Plumbing and Heating Technician / Installer
439 General Home guard
440 General طارﺧ
441 General General men’s clothing tailor
442 General Baker tanoor
443 General Brick and tile oven operator
444 General General Inquiries Clerk
445 General Document legalization clerk
446 General Files Writer – Archives
447 General Curator (Mosque Servant)
448 General Dough cutting machine operator
449 General Color printing machine operator
450 General Management consultant
451 General Ship engine maintenance technician
452 General Public telephone networks operator
453 General Second specialist
454 General Technician feed
455 General Feed site manager
456 General Fee Accounts Clerk
457 General Electrical Design Draftsman
458 General Mechanical draftsman, conditioning and refrigeration
459 General Production writer
460 General Programmed operating machine operator
461 General Executive Director
462 General Educational media specialist
463 General Other university and higher education professors
464 General Professor of financial and business sciences
465 General Researcher
466 General Faculty member
467 General Teaching Assistant
468 General lecturer
469 General Director of Information Technology Support Department
470 General Director of Coordination of International Cooperation
471 General Training advisor
472 General Computers seller
473 General porter
474 General White waterproof driver
475 General barbecue
476 General Pastry Maker
477 General Handcrafted brick and tile forming agent
478 General General pipe fitter
479 General Purchasing Manager
480 General Project manager for business services
481 General Curtain composite
482 General Professional athlete
483 General Anesthesia technician
484 General Cardiac catheter technician
485 General General Physicist
486 General Investment manager
487 General Operations Planning Manager
488 General Training Director
489 General An oriental sweets maker
490 General Fruit juice maker
491 General Maker of fava beans
492 General Signal factor
493 General Operator of radio and television broadcasting equipment
494 General Drilling machine operator
495 General Electronic calculator assembly worker
496 General hotel room service
497 General Aircraft supply specialist
498 General Training pilot
499 General Aircraft electrician
500 General Helicopter maintenance technician
501 General Jet aircraft maintenance technician
502 General Vocabulary teacher
503 General Grocery items seller / general
504 General مﺎﻋ طارﺧ
505 General Bulldozer driver
506 General Water laboratory technician
507 General Electrical engineer extensions
508 General Quick service mechanic
509 General Personal care factor
510 General My secretion
511 General Support technician
512 General First Secretary Prof.
513 General Wireless Communications Services Supervisor
514 General Supervisor of a private residence
515 General Plastic bag production line worker
516 General Fiber sorting and classification agent
517 General The operator of the plastic press forming machine
518 General Plastic product assembly agent
519 General Commercial advertising artist
520 General Designer of industrial and commercial products
521 General Director of Research and Studies
522 General Director of Financial Planning and Coordination Department
523 General Monitor, observer and supervisor of production in the plastic industry
524 General Supervisor and controller of the sale in the retail trade
525 General Financial watchdog
526 General Arabic coffee maker
527 General Artificial Ceilings Composite
528 General Asphalt roofing agent
529 General Shankara metal artifact worker
530 General Actuarial statistician
531 General Mechanical engineer of machines and industrial machines
532 General Information security specialist
533 General Thin sheet forming agent for air conditioning equipment
534 General Clerk, stevedoring services
535 General Auxiliary machines operator in water desalination
536 General Medical observer
537 General a social researcher
538 General Consultant prof
539 General Pulling equipment operator
540 General General clerical supervisor
541 General Metal constructions compound
542 General Perfume seller
543 General Commercial director
544 General Director of Regional Offices Affairs
545 General Biochemist (biochemist)
546 General Electronic protection devices
547 General Network administrator
548 General Occupation symbols
549 General Marine diver
550 General Pay clerk
551 General Material Planning Writer
552 General Luggage services clerk
553 General Biology technician
554 General A doctor
555 General Concerts equipped
556 General Hotel professional trainer
557 General Director of Support Services Department
558 General Director of the Internal Audit Department
559 General Director of Office Services Department
560 General Restaurant and cafe manager
561 General Glass composite
562 General Nurseries farms
563 General Palm farms
564 General Assistant Inspector of Occupational Safety and Health
565 General Commodity services representative
566 General Clear tiles
567 General liaison officer
568 General Database admin
569 General Metal crafts manufacturer
570 General Plastic injection machine operator
571 General Plastic injection machine operator
572 General Investor
573 General Workforce expert
574 General Technical Operation Manager
575 General Salesman liquid fuel filling station
576 General Grocer
577 General Third Secretary
578 General Blacksmith steel doors
579 General Couple
580 General Surveying equipment assembly agent
581 General Telephone assembly worker
582 General new worker
583 General Cement polishing agent
584 General Massage technician
585 General Car decoration technician
586 General Hairdresser
587 General Hotel manager
588 General seller’s Assistant
589 General Interior design engineer
590 General Financial clerk
591 General Senior Quality Systems Auditor
592 General Heavy machinery / wheels
593 General Steering and suspension group mechanic
594 General Fish cooker
595 General Irrigation technician
596 General fitness trainer
597 General Samples technician
598 General Technical services specialist
599 General Foreign language teacher
600 General Coordination Director
601 General Technical Services Manager and Technology Coordinator
602 General Tubing Monitor
603 General Composite general communications antenna
604 General Metal constructions assistant compound
605 General Follow-up of materials supervisor
606 General Industrial tools seller
607 General Industrial machinery seller
608 General General industrial equipment seller
609 General Transmission electrical engineer
610 General Mining Engineer
611 General Salesman of household electrical appliances
612 General General insurance broker
613 General Industrial chemist
614 General Natural mineral technician
615 General Argument machine operator
616 General Carrying mechanism operator
617 General Mining machine operator
618 General Manual cement brick press operator
619 General Blacksmith springs
620 General Mechanically forming wire or rod pulling agent
621 General manager director
622 General factory manager
623 General Juice processing agent
624 General Muharram couple
625 General Bilogi Lab Technician
626 General Automatic metal machine operator
627 General Brick building
628 General Sheet metal roofing agent
629 General Tagging agent
630 General Mining engineer
631 General Glass talk
632 General Bus and truck maintenance technician
633 General Concrete mixing unit operator
634 General Stenographer and typewriter generic _ machine duplicator
635 General Horse trainer
636 General farming equipment operator
637 General Beekeeper
638 General Home cooker
639 General A worker for preparing cement phase mixtures
640 General Managing Director
641 General Ships electrician assistant
642 General Chemical engineer, petroleum industries
643 General Follow up manager
644 General Mechanic Maintenance Optics
645 General Cardboard shear piston press operator
646 General Confectionery packaging agent
647 General Director of internal sales and customer services
648 General Salesman of agricultural tools and machinery
649 General Industrial sewing machine operator
650 General Stone and marble cutting and spreading agent
651 General Director of the General Administration of Legal Affairs
652 General sculptor
653 General Vehicle spare parts stockist
654 General Driver
655 General Paper making machine operator
656 General Masher driver
657 General Baby clothes seller
658 General Fish preservation and freezing agent
659 General vehicles upholster
660 General Senior Survey Engineer
661 General Dairy pasteurizer
662 General Breeding livestock worker
663 General Embroidery worker
664 General General stone and marble cutting and polishing worker
665 General Follow-up writer
666 General Laboratory technician / blood bank
667 General General Chemistry Lab Technician
668 General debt collector
669 General Concrete Mold Monitor
670 General Factory Monitor
671 General furniture upholsterer
672 General Factory planning draftsman
673 General A decorative whiteness factor
674 General Woodworking machinery assembly worker
675 General Steel construction equipment worker
676 General Plastic extrusion machine operator
677 General Director of Contracts and Bidding Department
678 General Director of the General Administration of Industrial Security
679 General Director of the General Administration of Products Accounting
680 General Hand formed metal forming agent
681 General Woodcut manufacturing worker
682 General Gas piping installer
683 General Nanny
684 General Fiber pulling agent
685 General Metal plating agent blue
686 General Automatic flame cutting agent
687 General Manual flame cutting agent
688 General Oil technician
689 General Winding machine operator
690 General Pipeline pump operator
691 General Strategic Planning Manager
692 General Monitor production in the manufacture of metal machinery and operate
693 General Composite frames for panels
694 General Public railway boat
695 General Geological surveyor
696 General Surveyor and field investigator
697 General Welding mechanical engineer
698 General Maintenance mechanic of material handling devices
699 General General precision instrument mechanic
700 General General water turbine mechanic
701 General Specialist nurse
702 General Efficiency engineer in water analysis
703 General Number of cash sheets
704 General Incident inspector
705 General Make-up specialist
706 General Correspondence Editor
707 General Seller of plumbing supplies
708 General Chicken roaster
709 General Assistant Head Chef
710 General Other human doctors
711 General Pediatrician
712 General Advisor
713 General Heart consultant
714 General General surgeon
715 General Specialist radiologist
716 General Internal medicine specialist
717 General Anesthesiologist
718 General General Health Specialist Physician
719 General Chest specialist doctor
720 General Ophthalmologist
721 General Cardiologist
722 General Urologist doctor
723 General A specialist in obstetrics and gynecology
724 General consultant doctor
725 General A nephrologist
726 General Press assembly agent
727 General Dental technician
728 General Radiologist trainer
729 General Nurse aide
730 General Conditioning supplies vendor
731 General Salesman wooden furniture
732 General Milling machine operator
733 General Composite subscriber lines
734 General Tourist car hire clerk
735 General Composite Glass Composite
736 General Seller watches
737 General Hours
738 General General gift and antiques seller
739 General Soil Mechanics Engineer
740 General Piling Rig (Bases)
741 General Planer machine operator
742 General Physical Lab Technician – Electromagnetism
743 General An internal auditor for quality systems
744 General Beauty and hairdressing expert
745 General Oil mixing agent
746 General Economic science specialist
747 General Captain of a passenger ship
748 General Statistical Writer
749 General Steam turbine technician (maintenance)
750 General Smelting furnaces operator
751 General Ore cleaning and separating machine operator
752 General Operator of mineral ores purification machines
753 General Cement pipe casting machine operator
754 General Sander operator
755 General Sanding machine operator
756 General Metal tube rolling operator
757 General Thermal operator control room
758 General نﻣﺛﻣ
759 General Maintenance mechanic for furnaces and heaters in general
760 General Securities technician
761 General Concrete construction assistant
762 General Operation Planning Manager
763 General Sweets seller
764 General Refreshments seller
765 General Chemistry and marine environment specialist
766 General Pastry and pies maker
767 General Pickles Maker (Tarshi)
768 General Carpet cleaning worker
769 General Sewer cleaning worker
770 General Quarry worker
771 General Chemical paint (dyes)
772 General Cost Accounts Technician
773 General Occupational safety and health inspector
774 General Mining machine mechanic
775 General Cooling device operator
776 General Career mentor
777 General Business Analysis Specialist
778 General General Statistical
779 General Specialist psychological tests
780 General Professor of information systems
781 General the head of the company
782 General General electronic switch operator
783 General Ads Editor
784 General Occupational Analyst
785 General Computer teacher
786 General A telecommunications manager
787 General Film production manager
788 General Communications Project Manager
789 General Budget organizer
790 General Network Engineer
791 General Eyewear technician
792 General Technical Contract Management Specialist
793 General Languages professor
794 General Oil treatment machine operator
795 General Refinery operator
796 General General character
797 General I love my home
798 General Classifier fiber
799 General Electric turbine actuator
800 General Installed overhead phone networks
801 General Nutrition consultant
802 General Asphalt heater operator
803 General Concrete tile unit operator
804 General Catering assistant
805 General Assistant feed site manager
806 General Fabric seller
807 General A dermatologist
808 General Hospice care technician
809 General Beauty technician
810 General Falafel maker
811 General Medical device specialist
812 General Mining technician
813 General Metal heating furnace operator
814 General Automated tinplate scissors operator
815 General Professor of Computer Engineering
816 General Rail transport service inspector
817 General Mathematics professor
818 General Financial audit supervisor
819 General Sociology teacher
820 General Art education teacher
821 General mathematics teacher
822 General Arabic teacher
823 General Swimming coach
824 General Biology teacher
825 General Physical Education teacher
826 General Mathematics Teacher
827 General Baby sitter (teacher)
828 General Glass hardening agent
829 General Glass worker
830 General Glass cutting or cutting worker
831 General Glass grinding machine operator
832 General Glass drawing machine operator
833 General Glass cutting machine operator
834 General Glass sheet forming unit operator
835 General I’m a citizen
836 General Reinsurance specialist
837 General Credit analyst
838 General Geology teacher
839 General Busy turbine job
840 General Disc stone saw operator
841 General Sea freight broker
842 General lab specialist
843 General White sewer driver
844 General Emergency resident doctor
845 General Grain cultivation technician
846 General Food Lab Technician
847 General Lawyer
848 General publicity and advertisement agent
849 General Dealer of new parts for vehicles
850 General Insurance expert
851 General Boat driver
852 General Credit manager
853 General Director of Strategic Planning and Investment
854 General Statistical Surveyor
855 General Electrical engineer electric power generation
856 General Paints (paints) seller
857 General Electronic equipment assembly worker
858 General Agricultural pest specialist
859 General Electronic TV maintenance
860 General Plastic laminating agent
861 General Electrical engineer and instrumentation
862 General Electronic maintenance monitoring devices
863 General tourist guide
864 General Flight Operations Officer
865 General Tourist Programs Supervisor
866 General Postal services supervisor
867 General Aviation station manager
868 General Shipping director
869 General Air Transport Director
870 General Director of a tourism agency
871 General Nautical tour guide
872 General Air freight broker
873 General Tourist agent
874 General Fluid technician (hydraulic)
875 General Supervising and controlling sales in the wholesale trade
876 General Tile dishwasher operator
877 General Upholstered curtains
878 General Citizen wife
879 General Chemistry teacher
880 General Physics teacher
881 General Obstetrics and Gynecology Consultant
882 General dentist
883 General Poultry specialist
884 General Poultry butcher
885 General Motorcycle seller
886 General Animal animals
887 General Poultry farming technician
888 General Livestock technician
889 General Car driving instructor
890 General Analytics Lab Director
891 General Poultry farm manager
892 General Farm manager
893 General Geographic information systems expert
894 General Electronic Draftsman
895 General Butcher
896 General Director of the General Administration of Information Technology Applications
897 General Turbocharged aircraft engine mechanic
898 General Poultry products seller
899 General Egg collection and sorting agent
900 General Poultry hatching factor
901 General General poultry breeder
902 General Print on the silk check
903 General Carton baler machine operator
904 General Audio device operator
905 General Supplier Payments Department Manager
906 General Customs clearance clerk
907 General Insurance business manager
908 General Statistics Director
909 General General nursing specialist
910 General Dental consultant
911 General A specialist in oral and dental surgery
912 General Dental worker making and repairing dentures
913 General Plant pathologist
914 General Seller of seeds and agricultural fertilizers
915 General Director of Public Relations
916 General General health dentist
917 General Infrastructure Specialist
918 General Regulation Researcher
919 General Metal shearing machine operator
920 General A metal cutting machine operator
921 General Metal spray metal cleaning agent
922 General General field crops technician
923 General Bacteriologist
924 General General botany specialist
925 General Medical analysis specialist
926 General Radiologist
927 General Physiotherapist
928 General Ear, Nose and Throat Consultant
929 General Teller
930 General An orthopedic specialist
931 General Elevator operator
932 General optical technician
933 General Electron Physicist
934 General Dental assistant
935 General First aid nurse (emergency)
936 General Casting agent for gypsum dumps
937 General Physical geologist
938 General Ice maker
939 General Operator of concrete pillars casting machine
940 General Fertilizing agent
941 General Safety expert and loss prevention
942 General Thin Sheet Forming Agent / General
943 General General grinder
944 General Programmed spray machine processing worker and commissioning
945 General A public health nursing specialist
946 General Professor of physics
947 General Teacher of Physical Education
948 General Technical education teacher
949 General Vocational teacher Razai
950 General Director of educational affairs
951 General House manager
952 General Compound polishing agent
953 General Director of Internal Market Development
954 General Electrical engineer monitoring and control
955 General Metal furniture seller
956 General Filling and wrapping agent for manufactured raw materials
957 General Director in retail trade
958 General Electronic maintenance switches
959 General Supervising the distribution and operation of computer network security
960 General Electronic switchboard operator
961 General General electronic splitter compound
962 General Second Secretary B.
963 General Extrusion molding machine operator
964 General Flatbed printing machine operator
965 General security man
966 General Pipe or tube drawing machine operator without fittings
967 General Supplier of plastic blends
968 General Steam Power Generation Machine Operator
969 General Textile drying oven operator
970 General Hammering operator
971 General Textile making machine alarm operator
972 General Fabric machinery maintenance mechanic
973 General Mechanical product inspection and inspection worker
974 General نﺎﺟﻋ
975 General Moji photography technician
976 General Checking technician
977 General Water turbine mechanic
978 General Monitor, observer and supervisor of production in the cement industry
979 General Land freight broker
980 General Customs document
981 General Medical imaging specialist
982 General Nuclear physicist
983 General Sanitary engineer, water and sewage
984 General Chief Operating Officer
985 General Administrative review supervisor
986 General Assistant Professor
987 General Electronic transformation specialist
988 General Car phone technician
989 General Director of the International Trade Department
990 General Director of Operation and Maintenance of the Job Evaluation System
991 General Assistant electrician trains
992 General Locomotive maintenance technician
993 General A lime agent at a brine desalination plant
994 General Food Chemist
995 General Observer, foreman, or supervisor of drilling water wells
996 General Commercial career coach
997 General vice president
998 General Brad
999 General Bishop cover agent with asphalt
1000 General Clothes and Linens Classifier
1001 General Supervisor, observer and supervisor of production in the paper industry
1002 General Speech and Speech Pathologist
1003 General A specialist teaching with audio-visual tools
1004 General Language specialist
1005 General Technician educational models
1006 General Dry cleaning agent
1007 General Prosthodontist
1008 General Orthodontics Specialist
1009 General Food industries technician
1010 General Noticed lines
1011 General Head of internal audit programs
1012 General Publicity Editor
1013 General Director of Research and Development
1014 General Director of Security and Safety Department
1015 General Plastic painter
1016 General Maritime technical supervisor in the ports
1017 General Public Relations Clerk
1018 General Ground host
1019 General Director of the Strategic Planning Department
1020 General Guest house manager
1021 General Laundry manager
1022 General Port Operations expert
1023 General Marine Survey Engineer
1024 General Mechanical engineer, ship maintenance
1025 General Incoming and outgoing writer
1026 General General construction supplies seller
1027 General Mathematics specialist
1028 General Telephone Communications Clerk
1029 General Operator of the pharmaceutical ointment production unit
1030 General Director of West Shipping and Distribution Department
1031 General Director of Financial Reports Department
1032 General Director of Risk Management
1033 General Director of Business Information and Marketing Research
1034 General Health Affairs Manager
1035 General Multi band saw operator
1036 General Special physiotherapist
1037 General Medical secretary
1038 General Dedicated nose and nerve doctor
1039 General Respiratory Therapy Technician
1040 General Pharmacist Assistant
1041 General Metal Acid Driller
1042 General Sewing worker by hand or by machine
1043 General Metal Electroplating Agent
1044 General Metal casting agent
1045 General Consultant b
1046 General Zinc coating machine operator (galvanizing machine operator)
1047 General Distribution electrical engineer
1048 General My home direct
1049 General Vehicles mechanical engineer
1050 General Ear, nose and throat specialist doctor
1051 General Legal midwife
1052 General Director of the Advertising Department
1053 General chairman
1054 General Operation machinery assembly workers
1055 General Nautical Observer
1056 General Neon technician
1057 General Aluminum oven operator
1058 General Physical lab technician – general
1059 General Porcelain extrusion machine operator
1060 General Physical chemist
1061 General Bicycle assembler
1062 General Senior environmental monitoring systems technician
1063 General Steam generator operator
1064 General Photocopier seller
1065 General There is no
1066 General Equipped with dyes
1067 General Observation of the operation of the melting furnace
1068 General Obstetrician and gynecological nurse
1069 General Advertising and Public Relations Manager
1070 General Yarn wrapper around textile reels
1071 General Product rewinding machine operator
1072 General Automatic carpet weaving worker
1073 General Supervisor, observer and supervisor of production in the Sun fiber industry
1074 General Spinning machinery maintenance mechanic
1075 General Textile machinery assembly worker
1076 General Ship loading and unloading worker
1077 General Public relations officer
1078 General Fish seller
1079 General Fruit and vegetable packaging agent
1080 General Insurance clerk
1081 General General steam turbine mechanic
1082 General Mechanical engineering professor
1083 General Tinplate Roll Forming Lathe Operator
1084 General Forming piston operator
1085 General Metal piston forming agent
1086 General Metal shankara worker
1087 General Metal cutting tool notching machine operator
1088 General Calculator operator
1089 General Butcher
1090 General Gas station supervisor
1091 General Salesman for electrical installations
1092 General Specialist in the installation of medical glasses
1093 General Optometrist
1094 General Optometry consultant
1095 General Lens grinding agent
1096 General Instrument assembly agent
1097 General Electronic splitter assembly agent
1098 General Director of Financial Planning and Loans
1099 General Monitor, observer and supervisor of production in the manufacture of pain
1100 General products
1101 General Student
1102 General Electronic maintenance of public radio and television
1103 General Wireless mast operator
1104 General Baby toys seller
1105 General Religious education teacher
1106 General Religious guide
1107 General Building materials seller
1108 General Professor of Economic Sciences
1109 General General construction materials seller
1110 General Director of the General Administration of Private Sector Relations
1111 General Foreign dealer
1112 General Timber seller
1113 General Bookkeeper clerk
1114 General First administrative reviewer
1115 General Television antenna compound
1116 General Ventilation and heating equipment operator
1117 General Transmission Broadcast Engineer
1118 General Housing and Materials Manager
1119 General senior specialist
1120 General Regulation expert
1121 General General Pharmaceutical Industries technician
1122 General Pharmaceutical tablet packing machine operator
1123 General The operator of the pharmaceutical tablet coating unit
1124 General Animator
1125 General Phases plate manufacturing and forming agent
1126 General Marine equipment specialist
1127 General Stamps borer
1128 General White agent with gypsum (plaster)
1129 General The operator of a pipe and iron pipe drawing machine
1130 General Mosaic molding agent and cast in buildings
1131 General Metal Electro Cladding Agent
1132 General Waste incineration agent
1133 General Foundations piling machine worker and extension
1134 General Steam Turbine Operating Technician
1135 General Actuator of a chemical processing reaction device
1136 General Rotary drilling equipment operation monitor
1137 General Precision mechanic
1138 General Bread Maker and Maker (Fran Bread)
1139 General Print and Publishing Manager
1140 General Fumigating agent
1141 General Mechanical engineer, hydraulic dampers
1142 General Grill and fry fish
1143 General Bread yeast packaging agent
1144 General Nail clipper
1145 General Road and buildings machinery assembly agent
1146 General Mechanical refrigerator installing machines and machines and maintaining
1147 General them
1148 General Senior print supervisor for maps
1149 General Rolling sheet metal operator
1150 General Rolling metal clips operator
1151 General Automated metal saw operator
1152 General Water and wastewater manager
1153 General Brad Assistant
1154 General Imam of a mosque
1155 General Hand immersion painting
1156 General Steel construction worker
1157 General Metal cold rolling agent
1158 General Print Product Worker
1159 General Stone sorting agent
1160 General Lawyer writer
1161 General Frosted and wood paint
1162 General Technician studying time and motion
1163 General Main antenna compound (central)
1164 General Assistant Occupational Safety and Health Officer
1165 General Terminals Transfer Installation Technician
1166 General Well drilling bit operator
1167 General Offers planner
1168 General Agricultural vocational trainer
1169 General Oilfield supervisor and supervisor
1170 General Assistant Heat Treatment Lab Technician
1171 General Engineer of agricultural machines
1172 General Boiler maintenance mechanic
1173 General Table Carpenter (Nick)
1174 General Paint auxiliary compounds
1175 General Engraver and art engraver
1176 General Second Secretary Prof.
1177 General Director of Manpower Planning Department
1178 General Roasted and tahn coffee
1179 General Salesman of electrical musical instruments
1180 General Salesman of musical instruments
1181 General Optical cutting agent
1182 General General animal husbandry worker
1183 General Offset film processing agent
1184 General Cinematographer
1185 General Electronic general switchboard maintenance
1186 General Electronic technician broadcast TV
1187 General Director of the Manufacturing Laboratory Department
1188 General Public Health Consultant
1189 General General social researcher
1190 General Fuel transportation driver
1191 General Military instructor
1192 General Band saw operator
1193 General Dairy product seller
1194 General Milkman of livestock
1195 General Horseman
1196 General Agricultural Equipment Driver
1197 General Photographer for commercial advertisements
1198 General General livestock breeder
1199 General Mechanical engineer, methods
1200 General Hand engraving worker on stone
1201 General Muezzin
1202 General Cultural Supervisor
1203 General Educational software designer
1204 General SABIC line
1205 General Electrical engineer, transmission and distribution
1206 General Mold and tool maker
1207 General Drilling machine operator
1208 General A doctor who specializes in blood diseases
1209 General Nursing technician trainer
1210 General Stone punching agent
1211 General haberdasher
1212 Electrician Maintenance electrician
1213 Electrician General electrical wiring
1214 Electrician Agricultural equipment electrician
1215 Electrician Assistant electrician extensions
1216 Electrician Electrician measuring devices
1217 Electrician Repair electrician
1218 Electrician High pressure electric power line operator
1219 Electrician Assembly agent for electrical distribution assembly panels
1220 Electrician General electric machines electrician
1221 Electrician Electrician distribution panels installed and repaired
1222 Electrician Electric equipment assembly worker
1223 Electrician General electrician
1224 Electrician Industrial electrical installations
1225 Electrician Electrician maintenance of keys and controllers
1226 Electrician General Ground Cables Electrician
1227 Electrician electric buildings
1228 Electrician Machinery maintenance electrician technician
1229 Electrician Home wiring electrician
1230 Electrician Electrician and instrumentation technician
1231 Electrician Electrical instrument technician
1232 Electrician Elevator electrician
1233 Electrician General pneumatic networks electrician
1234 Electrician Elevator electrician assistant
1235 Electrician Electrician, electricity distribution networks
1236 Electrician Circuit breaker assembly worker
1237 Electrician Home appliance electrician
1238 Electrician Electric winding motors
1239 Electrician Electrical control and control panels
1240 Electrician General home appliance electrician
1241 Electrician Electrical Engineering Technician — General
1242 Electrician Subscriber services electrical technician
1243 Electrician Subscriber services electrician
1244 Electrician Electric distribution cables
1245 Electrician Electrician operating generating stations
1246 Electrician Electrical and electronic equipment inspection and inspection worker
1247 Electrician Electrician maintenance control and protection devices
1248 Electrician An electrical measuring instrument processing worker
1249 Electrician Electrical installation of switching stations
1250 Electrician Generator assembly worker
1251 Electrician Electrician installation of generating stations
1252 Electrician Maintenance electrician switching stations
1253 Electrician Assistant electrician generating stations
1254 Electrician Electric switch assembly agent
1255 Electrician Electric tools processing and installation worker
1256 Electrician Electrician electronic equipment installation and installation
1257 Electrician Electrician installing generating stations
1258 Electrician Transformer assembly agent
1259 Electrician Electrician, maintenance of generating stations
1260 Electrician Electrician operating generating stations
1261 Electrician General maintenance electrician devices
1262 Electrician Manually winding electric wires
1263 Electrician Electric operating general switching stations
1264 Electrician Electric control switches processing worker
1265 Electrician Automatic electric wire winding agent
1266 Electrician Assistant electrician switching stations
1267 Electrician Assistant electrician pneumatic networks
1268 Electrician Electric heating equipment assembly agent
1269 Electrician Electricity technician
1270 Electrician Electric operating switching stations
1271 Electrician Electric motors assembly agent
1272 Electrician Electric trains
1273 Electrician Electric ventilation equipment assembly worker
1274 Electrician General Ships Electrician
1275 Electrician Electrician assistant maintenance of gathering stations
1276 Electrician Electrical installation of general switching stations
1277 Electrician Electrician technician, generators and tensors of aircraft
1278 Electrician Electrician maintenance of general switching stations
1279 Electrician General car electrician
1280 Electrician Electrician, maintenance of general generating stations
1281 Electrician Theater and studio electrician
1282 Electrician Transformer and combination electrical processing agent
1283 Electrician Electrical draftsman
1284 Electrician Electricial extensions technician
1285 Electrician Auto electrician assistant
1286 Plumbing General plumber
1287 Plumbing Plumber
1288 Plumbing A plumber’s assistant
1289 Plumbing General plumbing mechanic
1290 Plumbing Pipe and tube laying agent
1291 Plumbing Brad tubes
1292 Plumbing General pipes cooler




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