Jawazat Response On The Possibility Of Extending Expired Re-Entry Visas For Those People Who Stranded Abroad
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The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) explained the position of those stranded abroad and holding expired exit and re-entry visas, unable to extending them under the current circumstances of Coronavirus pandemic.

The Jawazat said, on its Twitter, that if the beneficiary is outside the Kingdom, the resumption of the exit and return visa extension mechanism will be announced after the end of the new Corona pandemic crisis, noting that when new decisions or instructions are issued, they will be announced through official channels.

- The date for the return of residents to Saudi Arabia, Where Jawazat indicated that return will not be allowed until after the end of outbreak of the recent Corona pandemic crisis and this is officially announced.

- In the event of the beneficiary outside the Kingdom, it will be announced to resume the mechanism of extending the exit and return visa after the end of the crisis of the new Corona pandemic, knowing that in the event of the issuance of new decisions or instructions, they will be announced through official channels. 

- This also came in a response to the General Directorate of Passports, to a question whose owner says: I have a private driver stuck abroad with an exit re-entry visa and his visa expired, What is the way to extend the visa?



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