Jawazat Clarifies Important Information Regarding Final Exit Visa Of An Expat Of Saudi Arabia
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The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) in Saudi Arabia clarified 7 important details about the final exit visa and conditions for its issuance, cancellation and fine in the event of failure to leave within the specified period, in response to expatriates inquiries.

Jawazat about the final exit visa said it is possible to issue final exit visa through the electronic services of the Jawazat, explaining that there should be 60 days or more remaining in the validity of the resident’s iqama.

Conditions for issuing a Final Exit Visa :

* Payment of all traffic violations, and that there were no previous violations of visa cancellation, in order to issue the final exit visa.

* It is not possible to allow the transfer of an exit and re-entry visa to a final exit, while the beneficiary outside the Kingdom.

* Final Exit visa can be canceled after the end of the final exit visa period directly through the “Tawasul” service via the Absher platform for electronic services.

* Issuing a final exit visa for the beneficiary does not free you of responsibility as long as the worker is still registered in the system in your record.

* In the event of failure to leave within the 60 days period of validity of the visa, a fine of 1,000 riyals will be imposed, explaining that the validity of the resident's iqama is a condition when canceling the final exit visa.

* Issuance of a final exit visa for the head of the family includes dependents and companions on the beneficiary's record, even if they are outside the Kingdom




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