Important Clarifications From Jawazat In Saudi Arabia On Renewal Of Iqama (Resident ID)
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The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) in Saudi Arabia issued a number of important clarifications regarding the iqama of a resident expatriate and the conditions for renewing it.

Jawazat identified 2 conditions for renewing the iqama of a resident expatriate in the Kingdom

1. Validity of the work permit and

2. Health insurance policy is must to be able to complete the renewal of the identity of a resident expat.

- This response came to a question from one of the expatriates, who asked about the possibility of renewing the residence (iqama) without health insurance.

- The Jawazat also stated that issuing a license from the Saudi Engineers Authority is a condition for renewing the identity of a resident for engineers working in the Kingdom, noting that it is possible to communicate with the Saudi Council of Engineers through the unified number 920020820.

- The General Directorate of Passports, in response to one of the inquiries, indicated that it is not possible to renew the identity of a resident if the beneficiary is outside the Kingdom, noting that if new decisions or instructions are issued, they will be announced through official channels.

- The Saudi Jawazat also confirmed that the instructions do not allow the visit visa to be converted to Iqama or identity of a resident.



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