GACA Sets A Condition To Enter Saudi Airports Or Flights, Guidebook Within Days
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The spokesperson of the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) reviewed the new travel procedures for Saudi citizens and non-citizens (Expatriates) and the health protocols followed at airports, as well as shipping, transporting and receiving vaccines at the Kingdom's airports.

During the press conference held today, he said: “After a week, our airports witness the start of operating flights after allowing citizens to travel abroad, from 1 AM in the morning and on 17th May, highlighting the need to pay attention to all instructions and procedures that must be followed to achieve a safe travel trip.

- He explained that the authority will issue an updated guideline in the coming days, stating that it will not allow entry to airports or planes except using the Tawakkalna application, calling on everyone to apply physical distancing when boarding or leaving the plane, and preventing close queuing.

- Regarding the shipment, transportation and receiving of vaccines at the Kingdom's airports, he indicated that more than 53,000 kilograms were shipped through 52 flights, with the help of 13 refrigerated warehouses designated for perishable shipments, through 5 international airports for the arrival of the vaccine, the beginning was on December 16, 2020, and that the period access, space and handling are a standard 10 minutes.




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