Five Years In Prison For Transferring Illegal Immigrants To Saudi Arabia For 15,000 Riyals
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Saudi Arabia's Public Prosecution stated that the investigation into Crimes Damaging Public Confidence resulted in the accusation of an expat of Arab nationality who transferred illegals to Saudi Arabia from a neighboring country.

The investigation report revealed the previously mentioned agreement with a transactional criminal organization to transfer the infiltrators from the country and secure their arrival to their destination in the Kingdom in return for a sum of money of 15,000 riyals, which stopped and was referred to the competent court to demand legal penalties.

A ruling was issued that included evidence of what was assigned to him, and sentenced him to 5 years of imprisonment, while the prosecution objected to the ruling requesting a tougher penalty.

Prosecution emphasized the need for entry into Saudi Arabia to be through only regular procedures set by the country, which facilitated all requests related to this matter.

- The Prosecution highlighted the prohibition of transferring illegally to or within the Kingdom, or providing him with shelter, any assistance, or any service in any way, and these behaviors are among the major crimes which require arrest and violate honor and honesty and are subject to severe criminal accountability.



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