Expats Workers Can Return To Their Countries Whose Contract Were Ended During This Lock-down Period
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Ministry of Human Resource & Social Development have plan to provide an opportunity for all the Expatriates whose contract were ended during this lock-down period and were unable to return to their Home Countries Now Can Travel back Home.

This is an extra-ordinary step to help expatriates who were stuck in the kingdom after their Job Contracts Expired, so they can leave to their Home country without any issues.

This initiative from the Saudi Government comes as an extension of the humanitarian stance towards Expats living in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Travel will be provided to all the countries and The companies can send repatriation of those who have received The Final Exit Visa.

How Private Companies can Apply for this? Please find the procedure below:

1) Final Exit application must be made within 14 days to send the Expats back to their Home Country.

Second Application can be made after 14 days.

No. of Employees can collectively submit a Final Exit Travel Application in a single application

2) The Application details filled in the form should match the passport details

3) Documents to be submitted along with Travel Application are listed below:

.Record of Final Exit
.End of Service Benefits Payments
.Medical Certificate from MOH in context with COVID-19
.Air Ticket provided by the company

4) Company should comply with all the Ministry of Health guidelines and should make provide Air travel details of the Expat worker

5) Once the Application is submitted, the Ministry will take a final decision after inspecting the documents in 5 days of time.

This will be helpful for the expatriates who already got Final Exit Visa, but will also be helpful to Expats who were stuck due to lock-down



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