Eid Alert: Weather Fluctuations Warning For Saudi Highways And Beach Picnickers
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The Saudi National Centre for Meteorology (NCM) issues a crucial Eid alert for drivers navigating highways and beachgoers planning picnics during the upcoming Eid Al Fitr holiday in Saudi Arabia.

Hussain Al Qahtani, spokesperson for NCM, underscores the necessity for the public to stay updated on weather forecasts, especially during Eid Al Fitr, marking the conclusion of Ramadan. Anticipated weather fluctuations, including strong winds, hail showers, and reduced visibility, prompt heightened vigilance among highway users and coastal picnickers.

The Saudi Civil Defence Directorate cautions about an impending wave of rain across the kingdom until Thursday, urging vigilance and caution. Mecca and surrounding areas are forecasted to witness medium-to-torrential rains, leading to potential flooding, hail showers, and dusty winds.

Additionally, regions such as Najran, Jizan, Al Baha, Medina, Northern Borders, Eastern Province, Tabuk, and Al Qasim are expected to be affected by rainy weather. NCM reports indicate medium-to-heavy rainfall projections for Riyadh and neighboring areas.

With the three-day Eid festival approaching, travel rates are expected to surge, emphasizing the need for safety measures. The General Authority for Roads emphasizes seat belt usage, adherence to speed limits, and refraining from mobile phone use while driving. Vehicles should be equipped with all safety tools, and motorists are advised to ensure adequate rest before embarking on journeys, particularly during inclement weather.

To mitigate the risk of accidents, children must be securely seated, and driving in the rain is discouraged. Statistics reveal a 15% increase in traffic accidents during holidays compared to regular periods, highlighting the importance of precautionary measures.

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