During The Rescue Of Two Girls In Jeddah Sea, Afaf Felimban And Her Colleague Drowned
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The death of Dr. Afaf Felimban, consultant obstetrician and gynecologist at the National Guard Hospital in Riyadh, and her colleague Lina Taha was mourned by hundreds of relatives, friends, and members of the medical community. They drowned in Jeddah Corniche on Saturday while trying to rescue two young women from drowning as huge waves almost overwhelmed them as they fought for life.

Dr. Mohammed Felimban, nephew of Dr. Afaf, told Okaz/Saudi Gazette that Dr. Afaf visited her family members in Jeddah last Thursday on her weekend. As a result of her tragic passing, many dear ones attended the janaza prayer for her and flocked to the cemetery for her funeral.

Sunday, Muharram 9, is the first day of mourning for men in Al-Bukhari Mosque, while her home in Al-Marjan neighborhood is the place for women to express condolences.

A number of mourners praised the courage of his aunt and her friend, he said. It was discussed that Dr. Afaf continued to provide charitable services to the needy, orphans, sick, and those seeking treatment. She helped many of her patients have children with treatment. The family received hundreds of calls and messages offering condolences and expressing sorrow and sympathy.

Also mourning the death of Dr. Afaf, the medical community praised her professional skills, devotion, high morals, and exemplary behavior with her patients and colleagues. The medical community mourned Dr. Afaf and spoke highly of her.

"Afaf died while she was at the helm of giving and charity, as usual, to rescue two young girls from drowning, along with her friend Lina," said Dr. Suleiman Al-Quwaifli. My prayer is that God accepts them as martyrs and grants patience and solace to their families."

Al-Maha, her colleague, said: "Dr.Afaf taught me several moral lessons when we visited her recently, as if her heart were beating with tenderness. I am saddened by your separation, doctor, and may God have mercy on your humane doctor." "It is rare to find someone like her, the eyes are teary and the heart grieves."

Abdullah Al-Majiol, another colleague, said: "May God have mercy on Dr. Afaf; how many lives she saved with her scalpel in her clinic." Through her efforts to save two girls fighting for life in the sea, she became a martyr by rising to God as a martyr! ””

According to Dr. Azzam Al-Qadi, she was known for her medical skills and high morals with her patients and colleagues, and she was a balm to anyone who knew her.

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