Check Iqama Expiration Date by utilizing MOL without Absher
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This is how you can check your Iqama Expiry without Absher but all by using MOL Inquiry Service.

Now a Days it is conceivable that you can check your iqama termination date without utilizing or signing into Absher account, The new technique of checking iqama expiry date is online through Ministry of Labor request administration, here you can check your Iqama expiry date in Gregorian date and also in Hijri date.



Methodology to check Iqama Expiration date through MOL (Ministry Of Labor) request administration :

1. Go to the MOL website


2. Choose your language to 'English or Arabic' from top of the page, Enter your 'Iqama number' and 'DOB'.

3. Pick the Date of Birth section inclination from Calendar by choosing 'Hijri' or 'Gregorian'. When you select the Date of Birth, Enter confirmation code as found in the picture close to it and afterward click on "Next".

4. In the following page, You can see all your information including your Name, DOB, Nationality, Iqama Number, Iqama termination date and Mobile number. 

5. Currently, This is how you can get your Saudi Iqama expiry date in the two dates, Hijri and Gregorian through authentic Ministry Of Labor online Inquiry administration.





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