CCHI Announced That Iqama Will Also Work As Health Card
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CCHI (Council of Co-operative Health Insurance) has announced that your Iqama (Resident Permit in Saudi) provided by the kingdom of Saudi Arabia can also be used as Health Card in saudi health Care providers starting January 2020.

Earlier there was a separate health card / health Insurance Card which was supposed to be displayed in any clinic / hospital / pharmacy, but now your Iqama (Nationa ID Card) will work as your Health Card.
CCHI Saudi has made the life of people easy by doing this. You’ll need to check whether your Health card is linked to your Iqama or not. To check if your medical insurance card is linked to your Iqama or not. You can visit the official website of CCHI from the link provided below and enter your Iqama number.

Once you’re done with entering your Iqama number, you’ll be able get all the details provided below:

– Insurance Company Name
– Policy Nymber,
– Class
– Gender
– Deductible rate % on Maximum Limit
– Upload Date
– Insurance Expiry Date
– Beneficiary Type & Beneficiary Number

Starting January 2020, Hospital, Pharmacies & Clinics will be accepting Iqama as our Health Insurance Cards, so make sure health Cards are linked with your Iqamas.





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