All Roads Lead To Riyadh Season Grand Finale On Jan 16
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People from the Eastern Province, Hafr Al-Bation and even neighboring Bahrain are rushing to Riyadh to participate in the historic  Riyadh Season grand finale on January 16 at King Fahd Stadium. The theme of the grand finale is “Leila, the Land of Imagination” created by Balich Worldwide Shows. The show is expected to be the most unforgettable show of the whole festival.

After its first impressive show at the 89th National Day celebrations, Balich Worldwide Shows has been confirmed as General Entertainment Authority’s strategic partner for this gigantic show that want to celebrate the future of the vibrant Saudi society with its strong roots and fulfilling lives. The same land of an ambitious nation, ready to initiate and ignite all its dreams.
To lead the project, an extraordinary all-female team: Creative Director Anghela Alò, Business Director Stefania Garibaldi (based in Saudi Arabia for over a year) Executive Producer Laura Cappelli, Commercial Director, Silvia Guenz and Annalisa Barbieri, Project Manager.

The team has for the Riyadh Season grand finale, conceived a young and pure lead character, Leila, the symbol of Saudi Arabia today, but also of a new generation embarking on a constant changing journey toward Vision 2030. Leila will dream, imagine her future and face her fears looking at the world without any prejudice.

Leila symbolizes the younger generation of the Kingdom who are an integral part of the changes that the country is witnessing to achieve  Vision 2030. Leila looks at the world with the purity and innocence typical of her peers and she deeply respects the values of her Nation, her culture and her family.

Leila’s journey begins from the beauties of her land, sparkling in the dark under a starry sky. The moon, symbolizing time and the free fantasies glimmers over the landscape. Mesmerized by the natural wonders that surround her, Leila runs home to her parents, still excited for what she has just seen. While watching TV with them, Leila falls asleep and starts dreaming about her Kingdom, discovering all its secrets and realizing that everything is possible and the future is in her hands.

She not only chances upon real and surreal animals such as oryxes, camels and birds but also fascinating characters such as the land-men, embodying the colors of Saudi Arabia, and a poetess, dancing with a horse as a symbol of peace and freedom. Her dream ends as soon as she wakes up, but the experience she has just lived, has already left an indelible trace in her heart and mind.

To amplify the show’s message, an innovative communication project raised together with the storytelling to speak directly to the younger generation through social media. For the first time in a large scale live show, the story is told at the same time on socials with special contents that allow you to experience the adventures development as protagonist through the eyes and emotions of Leila.

All the hotels and furnished apartments in the capital are reporting near 100 percent occupancy. Many hotels and tour operators have prepared lucrative packages for domestic and international tourists. Some five star hotels have confirmed participation of international tourists mainly from the United States, France, U.K and Russia. Interestingly a large contingent of UAE officials are also participating in the grand finale to study the closing function. “ This will give us an insight on the show and will give us a perspective in organizing our festivals,” said an official.



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