Al-Ula Royal Commission Holds Intensive Course For 168 Students
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The Royal Commission for Al-Ula has successfully concluded an intensive ten-week language and skills development course for 168 students from Al-Ula who have qualified for the Commission’s international scholarship program announced earlier this year.

Prince Badr Bin Abdullah Bin Farhan, Governor of the Royal Commission for Al-Ula, expressed the importance of supporting and developing the potential of the young men and women of Al-Ula. Congratulating them on the completion of the intensive preparatory program, the governor emphasized that this program is the first milestone in the journey of qualifying the youth’s ambitious competencies to meet the development requirements for Al-Ula.

To celebrate the completion of the preparatory program, the Royal Commission on Sunday organized an Iftar ceremony, during which Muhammad Al-Khamis, director of the Scholarship Program for the Royal Commission for Al-Ula; Abdullah Al Khelaiwi, general supervisor of the scholarship program; and Abeer Al-Akel, head of partnerships & innovation, addressed the students and gave away the program certificates.

The preparatory program sessions were designed to equip the selected students with the basic skills they require to study in a foreign country and enable them to adapt to their new life overseas. As part of the training, expert teachers and educational counselors constantly assessing the participants’ linguistic, academic and behavioral competencies to enhance capabilities. During the course period, the students also took part in project work, field visits and cultural activities.

“The future of Saudi Arabia is in the hands of its youth. The Royal Commission for Al-Ula is keen to give our youth population a chance to contribute to the Kingdom’s development as well as the region’s progress as ambassadors of a future Saudi Arabia. The preparatory training course was organized as part of the Royal Commission’s continued efforts to introduce our youth to the best global practices, and build a generation that is open to the world’s cultures and capable of achieving sustainable development as well as empower the youth of Al-Ula to contribute to the aspirations of the leadership,” said Muhammad Al-Khamis.

The program featured best practices modules to develop the participants’ English and French language proficiency, delivered by native-speaking professionals. Other modules in the course included soft skills training to improve the confidence and critical thinking capabilities of the candidates, and raise their awareness levels about the latest trends and developments within their chosen fields of study. As part of the pre-departure program, students were also taken on field visits to Masmak Fort, Kingdom Tower, the National Museum, Al-Diriyah and Landmark Park.

A participant in the preparatory program, Atheer Al-Blowi, who will be moving to Liverpool, UK, to major in Tourism & Hospitality, thanked the Royal Commission for Al-Ula for organizing a comprehensive preparatory program with a variety of courses and activities. “The preparatory program has altered my perceptions and taught me to be independent,” Al-Blowi said. Al-Blowi is looking to pursue a doctorate degree and eventually set up a small tourism company in Al-Ula to contribute to making the province one of the greatest tourism destinations in the world.

Another participant, Madi Mousa Al-Madi Al-Shammari, who will study for a Master’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality in France, said: “The training program organized by the Royal Commission for Al-Ula has been a great learning experience during which we gained socio-cultural understanding of the countries where we will be studying. It is indeed an honor for me to be receive this opportunity to participate in the thriving economy of Al-Ula. I am grateful to the Royal Commission for the trust and confidence to empower me to contribute to Al-Ula future.”



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