A SR1,000 Fine Is Imposed For Using An Illegal Private Taxi, A SR500 Fine For Smoking In A Car
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A national platform for violations maintained by the Public Transport Authority (PTA) lists 35 violations related to public taxis and private vehicles.

Fines for violations range from SR500 to SR5,000, and include SR1,000 for operating a private taxi by roaming along roads and streets looking for passengers, and SR500 for smoking while driving or traveling.

A SR5,000 fine is imposed when an unauthorized driver operates the vehicle; a SR3,000 fine is imposed when the fare calculation meter is not operated at the beginning of a trip.

SR5,000 in fine

For the following violations, a maximum fine of SR5,000 will be imposed:

* Operating a foreign taxi for the purpose of transporting passengers for a fee within or between Saudi Arabian cities or to a country other than where it is registered.

* Any change made to the vehicle after it has been technically equipped by an accredited technical equipment service provider.

* Overusing a vehicle beyond its recommended lifespan.

* Failure to fix electronic systems specified by PTA or other relevant agencies.

The vehicle is not equipped with all approved technical equipment.

Fine of SR3,000

* The fare calculation meter was not operational at the start of the trip

* A failure to respond within 10 working days from the date of the summons served by PTA.

* Expiring work permit/operating card for public taxi service

Fine of SR2,000

* In the event of a directive from PTA, the vehicle will not be subjected to technical inspection

* Giving the lost items back to their owners or the security center instead of keeping them.

Fine of SR1,000

Refraining from providing or continuing to provide transportation services during working hours.

* Renewal of the operating card delayed. Renewal of the operating card delayed.

* Passengers are picked up from sidewalks that are not designated for pedestrians.

* License documents are not presented when requested.

* Failure to place the necessary phrases, plates, or signs inside the car in compliance with the regulations.

* Failure to provide or update information about the means of communication and the national address

* It is not recommended to modify the type of vehicle registration after cancelling the operating card or after the lifespan expires.

Fine of SR500

* Smoking or allowing passengers to smoke inside the vehicle.

* Having more than one request in a single trip within the city where the service is permitted

* Violation of a passenger's privacy at any time

* Loading bags without passengers or carrying bags in the car cabin or over the space designated for that.

* Public morals are not being observed and passengers are not being treated well

* Inattention to appearance and personal hygiene

* Failure to maintain the cleanliness of the car's interior and exterior throughout its lifetime.

* Persons with disabilities are not assisted by the driver when getting in or out of the vehicle.



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