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Resignation Before The Contract Ends Category: Work
Areef Areef

Hi everyone!I just want to ask advise and help regarding this matter,im a nurse in saudi arabia and its my 4th contract already 2years/contract). I want to resign from work because of marriage,my contract will end next year 2018,Company rejecting the resignation they said to finish contract or pay the remaining months multiply how much our salary every month. Is this fair?so for example salary is 4,000x13months(remaining)we have to payt to them 52,000 riyals. I think this is injustice,to think im here for almost 7years. What will i do if they will force me to pay?we dont sign contract since the 2nd contract because it was automatic renewal.and this is my 4th contract,what is my right regarding this?i need some advices please.

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20 Dec, 2019, 12:56 PM
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