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Sunspanqat Sunspanqat

Established in 2010, Sun Span is a leading Qatari contracting company specialized in providing turn-key solutions in construction industry, featuring k-span parking sheds, interiors, cladding, steel work, refurbishment, maintenance and MEP work. For more than a decade, the Company has delivered small to large scale projects to its diversified clients base that includes individuals, governmental and private sector companies.The combination of excellent service, high-end finishing quality, compliance with health & safety best practices has gained the company the trust of its clients. The Company is led by a management team that enjoys more than 20 years in trading and contracting in the Qatari market. Today, Sun Span is considered one of the preferred contractors in Qatar; delivering high quality & trusted contracting services. Best Interior Desiner in QatarSun Span Services includes the following: Shedding Solutions: K-Span Car ShedSpecialized and long experienced contractors in the design, supply and installation of K-Span Sheds for both Governmental and Private Sector. Fundamental number of accomplished projects with various institutions and residential with in hand knowledge and experienced caliber and engineers to meet client expectations.PVC Car ShedA unique class of sheds, to meet special themes, structures and colors for various applications like Cars, Swimming Pools, Walkways, and Playground areas. Special and customized designs can be still attended to meet client’s themes, with option of water and/or non-water proof class.PergolaA newly added product, for residential and commercial prospects with various pre-engineered steel design criteria and colors that our caliber can attend.  Exterior and Interiors: Plastic PartitionFunctional design with various applications that primarily add privacy between villas, around swimming pools, or cover water tank areas.  Interior DecorationA diversified fit-out activity a client can tap into through single source that include but not limited to Gypsum, GRC, False ceiling, Paint, Tile fixing, flooring, Marble & Granite Stair Case, Sanitary, Lights, Doors, Windows, Kitchen Cabinets, and others.Exterior CladdingNatural and artificial stone cladding is a piece of art, where Sun Span specialized team has accomplished various number of projects including private villas and palaces. Normal and Mechanical class. Also, we attend GRC and Foams are other class of works for windows, a class of clients demands in the State of Qatar.  Construction Solutions: General construction SolutionsSmall to medium sized construction projects that includes private villas, attachments and/or Stores. We possess Engineering and Construction, where our Fit-out team can attend balance works for a KEY TO DOOR concept.Steel Structure WorksSun Span experienced team provides small to medium sized steel structures that fit various applications and compatible with standard designs and drawings. Team of Engineers and caliber are able to deliver quality and patterns that meet consultants and/or client’s expectations.Asphalt Works and Road MarkingAn associated scope with Car Shed, where we undertake the design to level, using Qatar standards. Hot or Cold tapping works for road markings. Sun Span accomplished various Institutional and private projects.Refurbishment and Maintenance WorksSun Span has vast experience in building refurbishment at both Government and Private sector. A stunning class and quality works with various themes and design criteria that meet clients expectations and deliver a value well recognized in this market.MEP WorksAs part of our standard activities, our MEP team is capable to complete all Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing works for projects we undertake at both construction and maintenance levels, and complete with quality and time frame.

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