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Does Amazon Ship To Saudi Arabia Category: Shopping
Andrew Andrew

It depends on what item you are buying. This short answer will tell you how to purchase any product and have it shipped to Saudi Arabia.Solution : USE A U.S. SHIPPING/PACKAGES FORWARDER SERVICES COMPANYHow it works?This option allows you to purchase any product Amazon will not ship to Saudi Arabia. You can send any product to a package forwarder from the United States and they will ship it to Saudi Arabia.Saudi Arabia customers: is my recommendation. We have shipped over 1000 packages with six different shipping forwarders. Splice Packages has a lower rate, no tax, and is by far the most used U.S. shipper.Signing up is simple and you can see the exact cost of your shipment before shipping to Saudi Arabia. Also, if you have any issues placing your Amazon order, Splice Packages can help in this, you just need to contact them and they will place the order for you.Once you have set up your U.S. shipping addresses, you can place your order on Amazon and have it shipped to Saudi Arabia address. You just need to visit Amazon website, use the address provided by Splice Packages and just place your order!

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